The watches showcased here are immediately available for purchase in our showroom. Photos and descriptions are taken to illustrate in detail the conditions of each watch in the best possible way.

We are vintage watches specialists with a wealth of experience in the field, resulting in an unparalleled reputation across the world.

The core values that guide our company are those of integrity and transparency, our primary mission is that of giving everyone, even those who have just recently ventured into the world of vintage watches, the opportunity to purchase their dream timepiece with the utmost peace of mind.

Here, you will not simply buy a watch, but you will come face to face with decades of experience, technical expertise as well as the guarantee of a genuine, original purchase of certified lawful origin.

Each watch on sale comes with a series of important certificates: a lifetime warranty on authenticity, 1 year warranty on good mechanical operation and a dated and signed CD-ROM with high-definition photos of the watch you purchased.

This is the Jatucka Guarantee, a certificate recognized by watch collectors across the world as a synonym for quality, safety and competence.

Why Buy From Us

Technical Expertise

First Class Reputation

Guarantee On Authenticity