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Are you thinking of selling a watch that you own and that might be of interest to us? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always on the lookout for quality vintage watches, and we are also willing to buy entire collections.

By getting in touch with us you will have a team of experts at your complete disposal, able to provide a professional assessment of your watch totally free of charge and without any obligation.

Confidentiality, attention to detail and speed of service are our distinctive traits that offer you a top-level sales experience with precise estimates and immediate payments.

Why Sell to Us

Absolute privacy and utmost
discretion guaranteed

Experienced watch traders
with years of experience

professional appraisals
by renowned watch experts

We have been an ever-present in the vintage watch sector for decades, we have various collections of international repute under our care, we work in partnership with renowned auction houses and we are an active and dynamic presence on the market every single day of the year.

Approaching us for an assessment means obtaining an honest and transparent quotation, in line with current market prices.

We are perfectly aware that the sale of a precious watch is always a delicate issue and this is the reason why we guarantee maximum privacy and discretion both during the assessment phase and at the moment of the final sale.

If you are looking for a competent, experienced and reputable professional partner for the sale of your watch, our team of specialists is at your disposal to guarantee a fast and hassle-free transaction.

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After you take the photographs send them to us using the form on this page, making sure to complete all of the required fields.

Alternatively, you can send the photographs to the following address:
Either way, once the photographs arrive and we can look at them, we will evaluate your watch, and get back to you with and answer as soon as possible.

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