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Our Blog is a place where you can not only find useful, interesting and verified information about vintage and modern watches, but where you can also interact with us by writing comments, posting your questions and concerns and bring other things to our attention, and, why not, make suggestions, provide us with other technical and historical information with which to augment our research.

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In our blog you will find 4 sections, each one relating to the various subjects covered in the blog:

  • “The watch of the day”: the purpose of this section is to show to watch enthusiasts the best, the rarest and the most unusal watches that we encounter during our daily trading activity.
  • “The Jatucka’s Talks”: Roberto who is recognized by dealers and collectors across the world as one of the most important and accredited vintage watch expert will answer questions relating to the world of vintage watches.
  • “The technical corner”: here, through high-definition photographs, precise research and technical observations we will illustrate particular watches that have interesting and rare characteristics and/or configurations that we believe should be discussed with additional care and attention.
  • “Buy a watch with me”: last, and by no means least, using this section we hope to make you feel part of our team. We will not only explain what to check when buying a timepiece of a certain era, but also try to explain the mechanisms that drive our purchases.

We hope the blog will bring a smile to your face and feed your passion for our beloved timepieces.

I would like to thank Gino “Ginobi”, a great expert and collectors of vintage watches, for the assistance he has given me in writing this article. His experience and knowledge have been of fundamental importance in the realization of the […]

Last week we published on our blog a post written by George Pakkos (Geo1518) concerning the purchase from the original owner of a rare oversized Longines with galvanic black dial sold by M.Stefanovich. You can find the first part of […]

Here at VWC LTD we know that one of the most loved sections of our blog is “Buy a watch with me” where you can find the “behind the scenes” of the purchasing process of some of the watches which […]

When a collector approaches the world of vintage watches, he often finds himself disoriented in the multitude of watch-related information available. It’s something definitely common, it happened to everyone at the beginning to make mistakes misinterpreting contents found on the […]

As many of you might already know Roberto “Jatucka” in his old blog kept for years an interesting column called “The watch of the day”. The purpose of this column was to show the best, the rarest and the most […]

At Basel Watch Show in the spring of 1988 Rolex officially presented on the market the new version of one of its most representative models, the Daytona. The new references available were three, 16520 and 16528, respectively with a stainless […]

The decade following the end of the Second World War sees an important phenomenon arise and develop which will have enormous social, political and economic repercussions on a global scale for over 3 decades. We are talking about the Cold […]

Although at the time of its launch on the market in 1963 the first Daytona reference Reference 6239 turned out to be almost a commercial flop, the Rolex Daytona has become over the years a real icon of Rolex collecting. […]

The Seadweller 16660 – “Triple 6” is one of the most interesting and noteworthy models of the whole Seadweller series. Its undeniable historical importance derives from the fact that the Triple 6 is a sort of “transitional” model that marked […]

ANDREA : Hi Roberto, in our previous chat we dealt with the challenging topic of military watches. First of all, we clarified what the term “Military Watch” means, then we had a close look at some models you came across […]

In our first chat with Roberto we talked about his boundless passion for vintage Speedmasters. A passion that grew together with interest in Space Mission Programs, which have always seen the Omega Speedmaster as one of the main protagonists. A […]

Throughout 2019 our blog inaugurated a series of sections, all of them unique and added with special contents. In the section “Buy a watch with me” we’ve talked about the dynamics and the “behind the scenes” that involve the purchase […]

Since this is the first post of 2020 on our Blog we decided to tell you something special, which will surely ignite the hearts of those who are passionate about vintage watches especially military ones. Before proceeding and going into […]

In the previous post on our blog we highlighted the main  useful elements for identifying a service dial for Daytona References 6263 and 6265. In particular, we have identified and highlighted the main differences between a “Small Red Daytona” supply […]

The topic we will discuss today on our Blog is fairly well known to most people, especially to those who are long – term Rolex aficionados or have been collecting Daytona for several years. Although this post will contain notions […]

The Rolex Gmt Master is certainly one of the most beloved references by Rolex fans and aficionados. The reason is that its iconic features like the bi-color Inlay and the Red Arrow GMT Hand make it a very unique Model […]

Hi everyone guys! Every day I do my exciting job, for a few months now with Roberto Jatucka Randazzo, and I must admit that, between discoveries, purchases and sales, it’s a true adventure everyday. Sometimes it happens that friends, customers […]

Today we take a look back at an important post from the JATUCKA archive that investigates a seldom seen font that Roberto discovered as far back as 2012… I would like to draw your attention to a Rolex Font of […]

Back in 2010 I bought from an important Roman dealer and dear friend, this Longines Chrono Monopulsante cal. 13zn with stunning black dial. There was also a small addition…a rare steel ‘pointer’ on a bi-directional rotating bezel. Note the steel arrow/pointer […]

Today we go back into Jatucka’s archive and share a cool prototype Omega that Roberto unearthed… I am pleased to present to you all a particularly unusual and rare Omega Seamaster Chrono. I actually believe it is a Prototype of […]

Many of our customers know Roberto ‘JATUCKA‘ Randazzo’s infinite passion for Omega watches. Over the years, this passion has led Roberto to take an interest in almost all of the models produced by this Swiss brand. In particular, Roberto’s interest […]

The purpose of this brief essay is to precisely illustrate the main characteristics of the Rolex GMT Master reference 1675 with Mk3 Matt Radial dial. In advance, I would like to point out that everything you will read here is […]

Rolex like other few Swiss watch manufacturers has successfully become a veritable iconic brand over the years. The reasons of this huge success are: continual and important innovation in technological and technical fields, durability and efficiency of products, targeted marketing […]

Today, I would like to share with you the story of a watch. To find this piece, I had a very very long search but eventually I found this incredibly rare and almost unknown MilSub – the 5513 ‘Armada de […]

I am delighted to share with you all a watch that I bought in the UK back in 2011. The watch is, I believe, not just rare but quite possibly unique. The watch took me almost one year to acquire […]

The vintage Rolex world is never more awake or excited than when a new version of an iconic watch is discovered. In 2014 Christie’s offered for sale a never before seen black dial Oyster ‘Newman’ reference 6263. The watch initiated […]